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Skin Micro Needling

Want to look younger again?

Skin Micro Needling

  • What is skin needling?

Skin needling procedure involves treatment with an electric pen that results in thousands of open micro-channels or tiny needle punctures in your skin. By promptly treating your skin with natural moisturizer such as hyaluronic acid or natural growth factors derived from your own blood (PRP – platelet rich plasma), which can now penetrate quite deep, you can dramatically boost treatment results.

  • What is skin needling with PRP?

For skin needling with PRP a small amount of your blood is drawn and put through a patented process to harvest the most viable growth factors which are then applied topically right after skin-needling. This stimulates your own collagen formation and improves the skin’s appearance. Over several treatments spaced a month apart you can expect increased skin elasticity, brightness and reduction in scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • What will happen during my appointment?

At Kiranlife Inc., the most important thing for us is making sure that our clients are delighted with the service that they receive. We will go above and beyond to ensure you are nothing short of delighted.

With this in mind, a thorough discussion with our patients is the first step in any of our rejuvenating skin treatments, that way we can understand what you are hoping to achieve, and we can help you get there.

After you are comfortable with our discussion and understand the procedure, we will get you comfortable, and we can begin the skin-needling.

The first step is to thoroughly cleanse and sanitize your skin and apply a cream to moisturize. The area that will be treated is covered in a topical anesthetic. In around 45 minutes, sometimes sooner, your skin will be numb, and your doctor or technician will be able to begin the procedure.

Only sterile, high-quality disposable equipment is used, so there is minimal danger of any side effects. You won’t feel the needles puncturing your skin, but you may be able to feel the pressure and vibration of the pen, but only as much as fingertips during a facial.

In response to these puncture holes, your body will begin to make the healing and rejuvenating collagen which will help to reduce lines, scars and wrinkles, or to even out your skin tone. There are no added chemicals, ingredients or medicines used. Your body does all the work for you.

After the procedure, your practitioner will apply a healing cream to soothe and nourish your skin.

  •  Will I see improvement straight away?

After your treatment, your skin may feel a little uncomfortable and red for a few days. This is completely normal. It might take a week for the redness to disappear. Many people find they have no side effects at all. Depending on the outcome you want, you may need more than one session. To see results, generally, it takes six to eight weeks.

It may take up to five sessions to improve deep flaws and apparent scars. Some patients only require one or two sessions. It is difficult to give an exact number because everyone’s skin is different. Your age and the reason for your treatment will also play a factor in healing time and number of treatments necessary. Doctors recommend leaving four to eight weeks between treatments to allow your skin enough time to heal.

  • What side-effects can I expect?

At Kiranlife Inc., we only use high quality equipment and safety is our main concern which means you should not experience any adverse events. However, as with any cosmetic or medical procedure, the possibility of side-effects exists, and so we want you to understand what could occur so that we can minimize the chances of any problems.

In general, the area that has been treated will recover rapidly because the holes are so small, and our instruments are sterile. Occasionally side effects such as leakage and swelling of the skin, redness or a flare-up of acne may be noted. More rarely, you could experience a mild skin infection.

We offer excellent skin needling, with great aftercare, and so our treatments are relatively safe.

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